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So you want it straight?

In a ‘winner takes it all’ world of the internet, if there’s anything more important than being first, its being the best. Google wasn’t the first search engine, and Apple most certainly wasn’t the first computer manufacturer. But now they’re the most valuable companies in the world.

The question is, what’s it going to be for you and your brand? If you’re looking for bottom of the barrel website, then you’re a chump, and we don’t wanna work with you.

We work with folks who give a crap about their business and understand that there’s no substitute for honest, customer-centric design that cuts through the bullshit and immerses your visitors deeper into your ecosystem.

That’s the kind of stuff we make.

Sound good? Alright, we can talk now.

This is how our design process plays out


It always begins with an idea, right? A stroke of inspiration or genius. It takes a little stumbling upon. We’ll analyze your turf and see who else is playing there and what is it they’re doing right that we can do great. We’ll also write your project’s creative brief at this stage.

Design & Coding

Now that we have the wireframes, there’s no stopping us. We’ll tear through the design and coding in a matter of days, depending on the scope of your project. We might reach out to you for comments as we design, and make some minor tweaks as we go.


Drawing, sketching or wireframing… this phase is no less important. This is when we lay the groundwork for what will manifest as an awesome design in the next stage. And it is during this stage that we sand off any rough edges in our design concept.


At this point, your website is up and running, but we’re not done. We’ll review everything one last time with our X-ray vision and sand off any rough edges. Also included in optimization is help with basic on-page seo, so your website will hit the ground running.

These folks love us more than they love their families.

Crayz Media built my website with great communication skills, keeping me in the loop during the whole process. They were able to work with me rather then work and show me results. Alex Moss

Founder, Bandit Clothing Co.

Our project took turns that were not expected yet Crayz Media stayed on task. They helped develop and control website content and also administered plugin creation. As all of us have room to grow, they were willing to look for answers when problems showed up. An always available contractor always has value to a team. Jason Starbuck

Founder/Director, OTMM

They’ve been very helpful creating 2 new websites for us. Always available and explaining technical terms, so I was able to understand them. Would recommend their services. Very skilled and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Willowvale Organics

If you’re still not convinced, then you’re dead on the inside.


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