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So you think good copy is expensive, eh?

We like you already!




The truth be told, you’re wrong.

Good or even great copy doesn’t have to be expensive, in the same way a great car doesn’t have to be expensive. Take the Mazda MX-5 as an example… great car, great fun, yet a mind-bogglingly affordable price tag.

So if you’ve been peering longingly at the portfolios of purple blooded creative agencies, and believe that the only way to have great copy with genuine charm and personality is to pay an exorbitant price for it, we kindly request you to bugger off. You’re not our kind of client.

We prefer to work with the Toughs rather than the Toffs. We like plain and simple blue collared mortals like ourselves. If you’re a bow-tie-wearing, thick-spectacled hipster, leave us in peace. You’re not welcome here.

More accurately, we like working with startups and businesses on budgets. Because they’re more appreciative of the value we bring to their lives.

But remember: We’re affordable, not cheap. Take a look at our pricing structure and see if it makes sense to you.

This is what we charge for web copy

that’s guaranteed to kick a thousand butts.




Ideal for those living under a bridge
  • 20 minute get-to-know Skype meeting
  • 2 pages of web copy (limit: 600 words total)
  • SEO title and description tags for 2 pages
  • A list of recommendations to improve your site
  • A pat on the back
  • Directions to the shelter for homeless
  • Minor, one-time tweaks
  • A hug
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The Silver Lining

Ideal for the deluded who think they'll make it
  • 45 minute get-to-know Skype meeting
  • 6 pages of web copy (limit: 1800 words total)
  • SEO title and description tags for 6 pages
  • A list of recommendations to improve your site
  • A pat on the back
  • A brand new woolen sock
  • Minor, one-time tweaks (not exceeding 200 words)
  • A hug
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*If you work with us through oDesk or Elance, then prices are exclusive of oDesk/Elance fees.

Countless folks worship Crayz Media

It’s your time to kneel in the face of our greatness…

Crayz Media undertook a short engagement for me to come up with a new content concept for They were quick and efficient, always responsive and very good at teasing out thoughts and concepts I had in my head but was unable to articulate. I’d gladly engage them again in future for any additional needs I have and highly recommend the work they do.

Kevin Bellinger

Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Business Internet Services AS (Tapstorm)

Ali is a great talent! He has a fantastic mindset for content and how to reach the reader. I’ve worked with Ali on large projects, requiring numerous iterations and a few less-than-creative (challenging) clients; but Ali came through. We often work with clients who need a little more “flare” on their websites. When this is the case, I truly enjoy getting copy back from Ali. Not only is it well written; but I can always expect to feel engaged and entertained by his writing.

Scott Orth

President, Luna Azul Media, Portland Office

Ali is one of the best, most capable, and most helpful copy writers I have ever met. I’ve had the pleasure of working Ali on multiple occasions, and I’ve been staggered by the sheer quality of his work. I would fully recommend Ali for any copywriting project whatsoever.

John Buckingham

Owner, Pancake Creative

If you’re still not convinced, then you’re dead on the inside.

But we’ll give you one last chance…