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Liberate yourself from the yoke of Google…

And stop living in the fear of search engines.


Ranking these days is difficult. Recovering from a penalty, doubly so.

But is it really? Well, if your website is a trashy, shallow, unfriendly heap of UX blunders, then yes. If, on the other hand, you have a website full of fresh, relevant content, built upon a foundation of friendly design and clean code, then no.

No matter what your friendly neighborhood SEO guy tells you, you do not need crappy links or digital voodoo to rank your site on the first pages of Google and Bing. If someone tells you otherwise, shame them publicly. If you’re from the Middle East, we recommend a hundred lashes. There’s a special place in hell for people who call themselves SEOs but really aren’t.

But worry not! We’ve helped dozens of websites multiply their traffic, improve keyword rankings, and double conversion rates… sometimes just by tweaking a title tag. We’re not your garden-variety ‘linkbuilders’. We don’t pull bunnies out of hats for a living. We do not offer guarantees.

However, we can promise you one thing: We won’t sell you crap. If your budget doesn’t match your aspirations, we’ll tell you so, straight up, instead of wasting your time and money. Or we’ll recommend something more clever. Despite all the competition, most folks don’t have a clue about SEO, which means it’s not too late to attempt to attain higher ranks in search engines.

Take a little sneak peek into our SEO process


SEO landscape is ever-changing, with major search engines like Google making 500 – 600 changes to their search algorithm, every year. Understanding what these changes mean for your particular niche/industry is more important than ever. Also part of our analysis is a complete study of your website as it stands in the light of recent, important algorithmic updates.


No matter how great the strategy, it does not amount to anything unless executed with precision. Everything – from link-building to on-page optimization – has to come together, at the right time, to make a well executed campaign. Let there be no doubt… this is very tricky and requires a very high degree of discipline, not to mention expensive professional tools.


A complete situational analysis in the first phase allows us to build a substantial knowledge base, which we then use to make a tactical strategy in the light of data available to us. By thinking strategically about your search marketing goals, we can devise a dynamic plan of action that ‘responds’ to results by optimizing itself based on campaign performance.


A good SEO campaign is flexible and dynamic; it can be fine-tuned to get not only better results but get them faster. If a campaign has achieved its tactical goals, it can always be expanded in scope to include a wider array of objectives that can positively impact your businesses’ bottom line. Perhaps a dash of social magic coupled with content marketing would do the trick.

These folks tripped and fell insanely in love with us.

We hired Crayz Media for creative tasks on behalf of a leading men’s fashion business in Sydney and were very happy with the result. They’re flexible, reliable and add value in the “margins.”

Martin Scicluna

Founder & Principal Consultant, SmarterSoft

Crayz Media played an important role in helping us brand, particularly with web copy and marketing collateral. The end result was a product with real charm and character. I’d gladly work with them in future and highly recommend their services.


Summann Gandham

Co-Founder, Vozio Telecom

I recommend Crayz Media. I have had excellent results from their work. I can say that they have added value to my business.

Raino Raasuke

Owner, NoCry

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