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Social is total bulls#*t, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Let’s stop pretending you know something about social media. Because you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you’ve managed million dollar AdWords accounts or spent the last decade selling sunglasses to the blind, you still don’t know jack about social media. And that other creative agency you’ve been talking to, neither do they.

Modern social channels are the least understood and appreciated of all online platforms. Businesses are spending money on social but they don’t know why. You’ll never hear a so-called social guru tell you that not all companies are cut out for the social game.

We’ve seen folks and businesses mindlessly dump hundreds of thousands of bucks into social campaigns that didn’t mean tit. Let us give you an example: PwC – the world’s second largest professional services network – could only attract 4,615 visits to their facebook page at the time of writing this. We’ve seen photos of horse turd get more hits than that.

So, even if you choose to work with us, we may decline to take you on as a client. Because we won’t bulls#*t you for months only to deliver fake likes. If your business is not cut out for social, we’ll tell you so, and save you oodles of cash. Which you can then spend with us on a new web design.

The core ingredients of social marketing


Key to any social marketing campaign is discovering and segmenting customers, finding out where they hang out on the web and what kind of content they most interact with. Data gathered in this phase serves as our knowledge base throughout the duration of campaign.


Creating a connection is all about linking your product or service offering to your prospect’s aspirations and desires. It must be subliminal yet powerful, and that’s why it is so closely tied to creation of content that builds connections, establishes trust, informs, educates and ever so subtly builds an ‘intent to buy’.


The interaction of Who, Where and What is a fertile ground for creating and incubating great content ideas that move your audience through the social conversion pipeline. A steady flow of content will keep things hot as you expand your fan base across all social verticals.


Connections must be nurtured and positively reinforced with varying degrees of ‘force’ for customers at difference stages of the sales funnel. We’re talking about full duplex engagement, that, while it seems to originate from our end, is initiated by the customers of their own accord.

These folks tripped and fell insanely in love with us.

We hired Crayz Media for creative tasks on behalf of a leading men’s fashion business in Sydney and were very happy with the result. They’re flexible, reliable and add value in the “margins.”

Martin Scicluna

Founder & Principal Consultant, SmarterSoft

Crayz Media played an important role in helping us brand, particularly with web copy and marketing collateral. The end result was a product with real charm and character. I’d gladly work with them in future and highly recommend their services.


Summann Gandham

Co-Founder, Vozio Telecom

I recommend Crayz Media. I have had excellent results from their work. I can say that they have added value to my business.

Raino Raasuke

Owner, NoCry

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