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Project Spotlight

This innovative startup was in need of a push on the marketing and design side. We helped BeatMed craft their very first value proposition, injected some personality into their marketing collateral and re-designed the whole website from ground up at our studio. We also wrote about two dozen blog posts for BeatMed, which can be found on BeatMed blog. For the first three months, we also helped them with email copywriting and list building. Please keep scrolling for more information.

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Skills Branding, Web Design, Landing Page Design, Usability Review, Copywriting, Email Copywriting, Blogging, SMM, AdWords

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The Power of Case Studies

Case studies played a pivotal role in introducing BeatMed’s savings engine to its ideal audience: small hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and private clinics. For this particular case study, not only did we design the landing page from the ground up, we also crafted the web copy that helped convert hundreds of visitors into users.

So when you work with Crayz Media, this kind of quality is the least you can expect. In all probability, you’ll end up with something even more kick-ass.

Click the button below to view one of our winning case study designs that explained BeatMed’s unique value proposition while making use of real customer data.

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Hold your horses… there’s more of our magnificence.

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Organic Traffic That Converts

While any fool can create content and design case studies, not everyone can actually utilize marketing collateral to generate free, quality traffic. BeatMed experienced first hand the wonders we can do with great content and a bit of creative legroom.

From almost no traffic in February to as many as 123 visitors in July, BeatMed went on to grow their mailing list by 1,500 subscribers and generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. But we haven’t come to the best bit yet…

Bounce rate went down by a whopping 32%, onsite time was averaging almost 8 minutes and more than 90% of this traffic was sent by Google as a result of our content exposure optimization efforts.

Email Open Rates That Can Melt Mountains

We all know how important email marketing is to virtually any business now. Therefore it was a core part of our overarching strategy. It became even more important once search engines started showering us with a steady stream of relevant traffic. We were able to convert some of that traffic, but what about the rest?

That’s where email really came into its own, helping us catch visitors just as they were about to soft bounce off the site. Once they were pulled into our re-marketing engine, we’d have endless opportunities to try to convert them into buyers and paying subscribers.

It is also through email that we announced new features, products and special deals. And as you can see, our performance was stratospheric!


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