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Montagio makes the finest men’s suits and shirts from hand-picked cloths sourced from all over the world. While Montagio was humming along nicely, they needed a little extra something on the social media front. So we went in and added two turbos to an already rocking marketing engine. Keep scrolling to see the results…

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Skills Content Writing, Social Media Marketing

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100% Organic Social Exposure

Over 10,000 Organic Facebook Likes

Through organic social marketing efforts, we took Montagio’s Facebook page from <1k likes to over 10k likes in a period of 12 months. Our focus on content-based organic social efforts meant lower cost of acquisition of fans and overall more bang for buck spent online.

But more fans does not always mean more engagement. To squeeze more juice out of our social campaigns, we continued to test different types of content ranging from images and videos to contests and full-length blog posts. That helped us understand our audience and their preferences, which resulted in more engagement with our posts in the form of likes, comments and shares.

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Engaging Content That Users Love

Shareworthy Content

At the same time, we also reached out to authoritative blogs and websites in Montagio’s niche and negotiated placement of great content. We achieved our goal of building authority links as well as relevant traffic that adds to Montagio’s bottom line. Please click here to view one of the blogs posts we crafted for Polka Dot Bride.

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